I recently finished reading Gone With the Wind and let me preface this by saying, only read this book if you are at liberty to devote your entire self to it for the full extent of its 1000 pages.  I encourage everyone to not just read it, but to read it with the type of whole-hearted obsession that prevents one from studying for finals or doing her homework (oops.)

I began reading Gone With the Wind some time ago, when I was struggling to finish another novel, which I had expected to love due to its attractive cover, proving that one really should never judge books by their coves. This book was exceedingly dull and I began to search for literary satisfaction elsewhere, thus enter Gone With the Wind. My relationship with Margaret Mitchell’s work began as a sort of love affair; I would sneak into my school library at lunch, read a few pages, and then sneak away, returning to my other novel as if I had been completely faithful to it. A fellow bookworm, my “Gilbert Blythe” understood my dilemma and later that week, presented me with a gorgeous copy of Gone With the Wind, severing my relationship with the other novel forever.  For a few days, the new book sat forlorn on my nightstand, waiting to be read. But with finals looming, I vowed to study instead of read for pleasure. Finally, I caved and opened to the first line: “Scarlett O’Hara was not beautiful, but men seldom realized that…” Immediately I knew that I was trapped in the world of Confederates, southern belles, and scandals that is Mitchell’s Gone With the Wind.

My fascination with this book continued until the very last sentence: “Tomorrow is another day.” Having devoted so much time and emotion to this book, however, I could not bring myself to believe this line; life simply could not continue without Rhett, Melanie, and Scarlett! (Well, maybe Scarlett…) I sat in a state of shock after I reluctantly let the covers fall shut. Mourning as I might for a departed friend, I realized that there was only one thing left for me to do: watch the movie and hope that it is even half as good as the book. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Gone With the Wind

  1. I read it ages ago..almost 10 years I guess and absolutely fell in love with Rhet Butler! This is one book I want to read again 🙂
    I enjoyed reading your frustration with the other book. I sometime’s go through the same and experience my reader’s block!


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