I recently picked up a copy of Vanity Fair at a favorite book store of mine. I had no clue what it was about, but it was on sale and hey! it’s a book! Anyway, the minute I pulled it from the shelf, my mind felt all tingly with that anticipation of stories yet unknown. Weird, I know, but all you readers out there have had the same sensation at some point- I guarantee it. Anyway, this brick-like novel gave me the same thrill as Gone With the Wind did the first time I opened it, so I added it to my stack along with Anna Karenina and some of Austen’s works. Now, after admiring it on my shelf, sniffing its pages, and choosing a suitable bookmark, I have finally gotten around to reading it. Though only about forty pages in, I can already say that it is a book I will treasure on my shelf of favorites! William Makepeace Thackeray is hysterical. This isn’t a trait usually associated with early 17th century authors, but anyone who describes snoring as “the unromantic music of the nose” and men as “the bearded creatures” cannot be classified as anything else! I also see traces of my favorite characters in his characters. Jane Eyre, Jane Bennett, and Scarlett O’Hara make appearances within the actions of the two leading ladies, Amelia and Becky. Already I have laughed out loud at the wit and sarcasm with which the author writes and have been sneakily reading sentences here and there throughout my classes. Well, I must be off! Mr. William Thackeray is calling me…

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