Perplexingly Postmodern

Sometimes reading postmodern literature is like reading those texts where people just type the first words their iPhone suggests... For instance, compare the authorship of: 1) My iPhone and that of a friend:  2) A revered postmodern author:   Oddly similar...yet only one is deemed worthy of annotations! Disclaimer: I honestly do have appreciation for postmodern artistry and understand the…

A Caution to Writers

Dear fellow writers,Should you ever decide to change perspective halfway through your novel's draft, do not use Word's "Find and Replace" feature because otherwise when you try to change "I" (the pronoun) to your character's name (Paige, in this instance), you might find every letter "I" replaced with her name. Oops. That Paiges a serPaigeous Paigeue. Sincerely,Ryanne´╗┐