Personal Dictionary Part 1: Brain Snacks 

Stink it, I’ve created another one. 


Another what?


Well, I use these phrases that a friend once dubbed “Ryanneisms.” They are phrases that nobody else seems to use and earn me quite a few odd looks when I say them in everyday conversations. But I’m learning to just roll with it. 


“Stink it” is one of these phrases, by the way. It means essentially “darn it” or “snap.” 


I won’t delve into the rest of them for fear of being dismayed at my own weirdness. The main point of this random post is to share a new Ryanneism term that I quite like: “brain snacks.” These are basically the same as “food for thought” but, come on, “brain snack” has a much more quippy vibe to it! 


Brain snack (noun): a question or statement based on an observation that leads to mental stimulation for at least a brief period of time. 

Example: “Ryanne’s reading notes are mostly comprised of a long series of brain snacks.” 

Also note that the nutritional value of brain snacks is not definite; some might provide an entire day’s worth of mental munching, but some only 10%.  

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