Poetry Nugget

Sometimes when I go digging through my journals, I find little nuggets of poetry I forgot completely about. For instance…

You’ve heard it said

That “every cloud has a silver lining.”

Well this is true…

If you’re earthbound. 

What they fail to tell you-

Those without wings- 

Is that every cloud is a horizon

Behind which is no mere lining,

But a brand new sunrise:

An ever-breaking dawn

And ever-shifting day,

Glory and light-

Not silver- but gold!

Lies beyond the gloomy gray. 

Not polished by any means, but what it lacks in rhyme and rhythm it makes up for in the fact that it made me smile as I remembered when I sat composing it on the flight to Rome, gazing with wonderstruck eyes at the most beautiful skies below and above me. 

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