Almost thereeeeeeeeeee

Current mood: Homework and bagpipe music. (It helps me focus.)

Finals are almost upon us. Juries are just around the corner. And my motivation is 40% coffee, 30% chocolate, 10% memes, and 10% hugs. The other 10% got lost, along with most of my enthusiasm.


I am finding ways to deal with the awful combination of the sophomore slump, final blahs, and summer dreaming.

  1. Celtic music, especially jigs and reels. Seriously, it’s like Disneyland in your headphones. Just listen to it and you’ll feel immediately so much better!
  2. Strength training. My go-to exercise is running, but sometimes lifting and throwing heavy objects relieves more tension…even if “heavy” for me is like 10 pounds.
  3. Mix up your practice/study routine. I’ve found that taking a little break to listen to my repertoire or reread a chapter of my book while stretching or dancing around helps me refocus.
  4. Hugs. I am not a touchy person, but you really can’t beat a good hug from a close friend.
  5. Call Mom. Just do it. Moms always have the answers and, if they don’t, they can at least tell you to cut it out and get back to work.
  6. Read a book for fun. As I wrote before, I have rediscovered my love of children’s books and it is keeping me sane.
  7. Blog. Noticed my recent increase in posts? It’s because of a nifty thing I like to call “procrastination.” But writing helps me feel like I accomplished something.


That’s it for now.

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