The Usual, Please

I do not feel at home until I can walk into a coffee shop and order simply “the usual.” There is something to being known by both name and coffee order that just makes me feel as though I am living in a storied universe such as Stars Hollow of Gilmore Girls.

The hum of a café can be just as conducive to solitudinous escape as it is to sociable engagement. A good coffee shop offers one the chance to chat with baristas and other regulars, as well as to sink into anonymity and write oneself into another world. Finding a café in which one can comfortably achieve both is a wonderful thing, particularly for ambivert writers with a coffee habit. Unfortunately, finding such a caffeination haven is also an expensive thing for writers with such habits.

As I am completing my master’s remotely and beginning work at both a school and church, I am also trying to keep my site running—not the least because my brain might explode if I do not occasionally write things I don’t need to footnote. Consequently, my coffee intake is embarrassing.

It gives me joy to already be known by name and order at a new coffee shop in my hometown, and I am thrilled (but not altogether surprised) to see that this new shop is already thriving.

That said, if you enjoy my writing and would like to help keep both me and my favourite café going, you can buy me a coffee through my site using this button:

Either way, I appreciate your readership and look forward to finishing up my master’s so that I can publish here more regularly and we can, together, keep pursuing “an active and imaginative life.”*

Oat Milk Latte with Honey for Ryanne

*borrowing Chesterton’s words from Orthodoxy


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