Thank Goodness for the Laundry Pile

My work has gone mostly remote again, which at first was something of a relief. After barely a day of emails instead of interaction, though, I found myself going quite mad. Without a regular schedule, I have far too much space for overthinking, indecision, and wandering aimlessly between tasks.

Fortunately, just as I was nearing my breaking point, my eyes fell upon a hunched shape lurking in the corner: the laundry pile I’d been neglecting. I nearly sang for joy at the sight!

Yes, you read that correctly and I despise myself accordingly. But the need to sort and fold the laundry saved me from decision paralysis! Indeed, it offered such relief that I proceeded to write a silly poem about it. Did I mention that I mildly despise myself?

Joking aside, there is something comforting about those daily chores. They hold us together when the world falls apart. If ever the apocalypse strikes, I expect it will find me happily washing the dishes and listening to the BBC. When the world is falling to pieces and my life seems suddenly upset, perhaps the best thing I can do is tidy up.

Tonight I shall thank goodness for the laundry pile
That waited all day long so very patiently
To offer occupation when I embrace evening ennui.
It moped about all day, spreading from carpet to the tile,
Preparing for when it could distract me for a while.
Again, I must thank goodness for the laundry pile!

A concrete chore! Thank goodness for this laundry pile!
Instead of wallowing alone so very, very glummily
I pair up socks who match with mates so cheerily and chummily
And set about to straighten sheets (though the fitted one beguiles me).
O, joy! Whenever I feel out of sorts and unsure how I’ll
Pass the time, well, I thank goodness for the laundry pile!

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