Reel Talk

I have developed a bad habit of swiping aimlessly through Instagram reels. Today, though, I nearly dropped my phone like a hot coal. Why? I saw the following advertisement:

This reeks of heresy.

We are not made in our own image, but in the image of God and, for believers, the likeness of Christ. To seek to make ourselves in our own image is to exalt ourselves as false gods. The constant self-images we are bombarded with through social media may be the modern incarnation of the ancient pagan gods, who were also crafted in the image of man.

Be cautious, Readers. The world is telling you that you are the image of yourself, your truth is valid, and that your choices are a law unto yourself, but these are nonsense statements. If we are an image of ourself, we are an image of nothing; if all truths are valid, all truths are false; if all choices are acceptable, there is no standard of determining acceptability. To make yourself into the image of yourself is to reduce yourself to a façade. The man in the mirror is no man at all. How much better is it to live into your created identity as made in the image of an irreducible God? And to further image Him by being remade in the likeness of Christ?

In any case, it’s safe to say that I’m done with reels, for they don’t represent what is real.

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