The Interview

You’re here for which position?
Oh, that one. Alright.
You’re from where?
It’s not much of a town, is it.

(Not a question: a statement.
A judgement.)

This is your first ministry job?
And you’re thirty?
Well, we all have to start sometime…

(He is not more than forty
But they start them young.)

How many children do you have?
One? That’s nice—
What’s that? Oh.

My bad.

(A glance at the beaming blond litter
In a frame on his desk.)

And what does your wife do?
You’re not married? Right then.

Fiancée? No.
Girlfriend? No.
Oh, well.
We will pray for that.

(He looks at the empty space
On my fourth finger,
Wondering what is wrong with me.)

What are your strengths as a leader?
Patience, kindness…right, right.
Those are nice.

(He is smiling but his eyes are not.)

I guess that about covers it, then.
We will let you know.

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