The Amazing Grace of a Father

The first hymn I ever learned was “Amazing Grace.” My dad used to hum it to me when I was a child and, later, taught it to me. At my wedding, nearly one year ago, it was my wedding processional. (The above photo is of that exciting, terrifying moment.)

“Don’t worry,” my dad said before walking me down the aisle. “Everyone’s looking at me.”

This year, it strikes me as providential that, on Fathers’ Day, I played the same arrangement of “Amazing Grace” as the closing hymn at church. Instead of humming it, I played it on the organ, leading a congregation to the long-familiar words. I got a little teary as I neared the final verse. I reflected on the amazing grace of my Heavenly Father in giving me a faithful father who would teach me this hymn, starting me on my way as a Christian and, eventually, a church musician.

Today, my husband preached on 1 Corinthians 15:9-10, using the story and lyrics of “Amazing Grace” as an illustration. Again, I was struck by the sheer providence of this. I was further made aware of the grace upon grace in my life. We even ate lunch across from a shop called “Amazing Grace,” as if the divine point had not been made clearly enough!

All of this is, simply, to say that I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the “Amazing Grace” of my Heavenly Father, which was first introduced to me by my earthly father. Thank you, Dad, for everything.

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