The Daily Three 7/29/22

Lately, I’ve begun a practice of enjoying something good, something true, and something beautiful each day. Like so many, I’ve been sucked into the void of quick consumption. To combat this, I’m trying to intentionally engage worthwhile arts and activities. I won’t share my “daily three” every day, but today I would like to invite you to join me.

1. Something Good: My mom and I made peach pie yesterday. It’s a recipe passed to me from my Grandma McLaren and it’s a summertime favorite. My husband declared he is not a pie person and, after a piece, changed his tune. It is a small act of creation but it, too, is very good.

2. Something true: I’m a big fan of Becket Cook’s podcast. He so clearly loves the Lord and speaks truth with kindness, honesty, and humor. His latest episodes on the New York Times attacks on motherhood are convicting and uplifting. You can listen on Spotify here:

3. Something beautiful: I am a church organist and am studying classical voice but my not-so-secret dream is to be a folk artist. In the meantime, please enjoy this song by an artist I hope continues to sing and share music:


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