The Daily Three 7/30/22

1. Something Good: Some friends of ours gifted us a subscription to Our Iowa, a magazine filled with recipes, family heritage, tourism tips, and (my personal favorite) journal entries from an Amish farm wife. I savored her words, which were rich with the enjoyment of everyday tasks and of the passing seasons.

A few photos from Our Iowa

2. Something True: My husband thinks I can’t hear him rehearsing his sermon downstairs and, although I can’t hear specific words, I can hear his inflection. It sounds like tomorrow’s sermon will be an exciting one! In the meantime, I’d love to share one of my favorites: “A Call to Stand Firm.”

3. Something Beautiful: I’ll continue with more folk music. The following is a fabulous work song but I usually listen to it in the car as I pretend I’m riding a tired horse through a lonely desert. That’s an oddly specific mood, but you’ll understand once you listen to “Poor Wayfaring Stranger” by The Hillbilly Thomists.

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