The Daily Three 8/3/22

1. Something Good: My parents came over to help with refinishing our porch and deck. After a long day of climbing ladders, my dad vanished. Eventually, my mom and I looked across the street to see him comfortably chatting with our neighbors on their deck. Social media seems to bring out the worst in society, but it’s good to remember that before there was Facebook, there were front porches—and before there were followers, there were neighbors.

2. Something True: I deeply enjoy Alisa Childers’ podcast. Her most recent episode highlights the amazing story of her favorite apologist and offers essential insights into how we should approach apologetics in our lives. My favorite part is when she and her guest differentiate between “belief that” and “belief in.”

3. Something Beautiful: It stormed this morning and I enjoyed checking on my garden during a clear hour. Our little apple tree is bearing fruit for the first time and it’s so lovely. Its infant harvest of five little apples will be enjoyed soon.

One comment

  1. Lovely thoughts, Ryanne. Regarding porches, the thing I dislike the most about Az is how the heat drives us to our own backyards (due to pools) and away from our neighbors. We have lived in this house more than 25 years and there are neighbors two houses from us we have never met. That’s sad. Good for your dad for reaching out to your neighbors!

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