Three Things 8/10/22

1. Something Good: We were visiting some dear mentors over the last couple of days, so I didn’t get around to my “not-so-daily three” posts. Those three days were so wonderfully refreshing, filled with wisdom from deep study of the Word and lives of faithfulness. It is good to fellowship with the saints of the Lord. It is good to be counseled by those who are farther ahead in this race of faith.

2. Something True:

One cannot speak of God simply by speaking of man in a loud voice.

The Word of God and the Word of Man by Karl Barth

3. Something Beautiful: I just found out that yesterday was International Book Lovers Day. We spent several hours in a marvelous used bookshop, which was the best way to unwittingly celebrate. The Book Nook in Peoria, IL is an unassuming refuge for bibliophiles and we cheerfully cleaned out its theology section. (Billy found a complete set of Barth’s Church Dogmatics and nearly wept for joy.)


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