Three Things 8/20/22

1. Something Good: I recently watched Thirteen Lives and was utterly riveted. This remarkable true story captures the reality of common grace—of sacrifice, courage, ingenuity, and community. (Available on Prime Video)

2. Something True: I’m reading The Footsteps of the Messiah by Dr. Arnold G Fruchtenbaum. I’d never done a deep dive into eschatology and this is a fascinating read. I don’t know enough yet to say that I 100% agree with this book, but I’ve learned a great deal and Dr. Fruchtenbaum handles scripture with integrity and intellect.

http://The Footsteps of the Messiah: Revised 2020 Edition

3. Something Beautiful: As I think about the end times, I am also led to consider my own ending. I cannot know when either will be, so I’d better be ready. This song is one of my favorites and never fails to encourage me in the face of life and death.

Bonus: I found a blush-pink thistle and it’s perfect, so it’s the featured photo for this post.

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