Three Things 8/21/22

  1. Something Good: A lady in our congregation turned 99 years old this weekend. We took time during announcements today to sing “Happy Birthday” and to celebrate with her. This is what we noticed immediately when we visited Prairie Bible Church: it’s a family. Our church has grown a lot in the past year, but I rejoice that it has not lost its commitment to intentionally care for one another—its commitment to agape.
  2. Something True: My husband preached a wonderful sermon this morning. You might say that I’m biased, but I really don’t think that I am. Having been in many different churches throughout my life, I am a pretty tough critic. Like so many, I hunger for truth and depth, as well as compassion and kindness. I hope that you will hear my husband’s passion for truth and heart for people in his most recent message: “Conflict, Grief, and Holiness: 2 Corinthians 7:8-11.” (YouTube video above, also available on Spotify, Facebook, or the Podcast App)
  3. Something Beautiful: Continuing to reflect on my Sunday morning, I am struck by the deep beauty of God’s people praying together. I am not a touchy-feely person, even if I am a poet. I struggle with prayer. I struggle to bear my heart before others. And yet, I am slowly finding the freedom to do so in the community of a praying church. Today, we went and prayed over the local schools. Tears were shed, hands were held, and hearts were shared. It sounds trite when I write it, but it was deeply beautiful. Such moments make me want to engage the beauty of prayer as deeply as I engage the beauty of music and literature. I want to exhale prayer as I inhale the morning air or the smell of baking bread. I want to revel in prayer as I do in nature. I’m waxing poetical but still can’t quite capture the beauty of this morning.

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