Our little church is not so little anymore. Attending services still feels like a family reunion and newcomers have a hard time escaping without many handshakes (or hugs) and plates loaded with homemade snacks. I hope that our church maintains this small-church love, but there’s no doubt about it now: we are growing and need more space.

Last week, a contractor looked at our building to see what options we have for expanding. Our worship leader’s office, my husband’s office, and our prayer room connect to the left side of the sanctuary, and one proposal was to convert these spaces into another wing of the sanctuary.

My husband is fine with working from another location, but none of us liked the idea of demolishing our prayer room. This unassuming room has been a pillar of Prairie Bible since before Billy and I arrived.

Still, every new attendee is another soul in need of truth and community. With this in mind, we have to be willing to consider all our options. The contractor looked at these rooms and agreed that they could provide useful space within a reasonable timeframe and budget. There was one catch…

The two offices can be removed for extra seating, but not the prayer room.

The prayer room is structural.

No decisions have been made, but it’s pretty clear that, even if we’re bursting at the seams, we’re meant to remain a church of prayer.

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