You Might be an Accompanist If…

1. You can recognize a Mark Hayes arrangement from the opening measure.

2. You carry throat coat tea and lozenges around for other people.

3. You are NEVER without a pencil.

4. The sight of already hole-punched music fills you with joy.

5. You accidentally watch people’s hands instead of making eye contact during conversation (thanks, conductors…).

6. Nothing makes you happier than seeing your soloist or director succeed and knowing that you helped.

7. You’re used to non-musical tasks such as bringing your director tweezers or acting as a therapist for anxious soloists.

8. Practicing feels more fun when it’s to serve other people.

9. The lower right-hand corners of your music are folded for easier page turns.

10. You LOVE a good, swift page turn.

11. You’re also semi-proficient on organ, accordion, harpsichord, percussion and whatever other instrument the director needs last minute.

12. Your closet looks like you attend a lot of funerals. Hurrah for concert black.

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