Research…it’s Legit

As a writer, I frequently find myself researching topics that are…strange, to say the least. In the past I have spent late night sessions researching homemade poisons, mustache puns, medieval makeup, symptoms of consumption, ways to recycle¬†a goat carcass, and what happens inside a morgue. Oh, and let’s not forget unibrow jokes.

Anyway, in case you were thinking that I could not possibly need to research a more bizarre subject, I now present, courtesy of tonight’s writing hour and “6 Cat Gods and Goddesses.”

Why? Because obviously a goat named Esau who thinks that he is a dog needs a nemesis because it will bring together the town carpenter and professional crazy cat lady as unlikely lovers. And that is all I feel is necessary to share at the moment.

Don’t judge: I’m a writer. And yes, this is all legitimate research.