Worth Writing About

In No Time to Spare, Le Guin seems to challenge Franklin’s pervasive, pernicious quote that we must “write something worth reading or do something worth writing about.” What is worth reading and writing about? Galaxies, journeys, and revolutions, certainly, but also cats, trees, and eggs. What is worth doing? Imagining different worlds, exploring important questions, and creating magnificent narratives, most definitely, but also caring for pets, cultivating traditions, and cooking breakfasts.

A Writer’s Whim

Skimming the stories I loved so, I saw the growth of a writer. Glimmers of the novel I am drafting now and the woman I am becoming shine out in those early pages of limping syntax and predictable plots. Every now and then, a good sentence or single word stands out and says, “There is hope for you yet, Scribbler.”

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