The Daily Three 8/1/22

1. Something Good: I believe that a can of paint is utterly transformative. A backsplash, trim, a porch, a door, our shutters—I’ve painted it all! And this is good. Caring for my home with these simple updates is immensely satisfying. For this reason, I’d love to share the following blog by a fellow Biolan, who is cultivating a wonderful life of faith, creativity, family, and stewardship: “Five Acres, Four Generations.”

2. Something True: This presentation by Scot McKnight on “Tov” vs. toxic church cultures is phenomenal. McKnight speaks directly to what many (including my husband and myself) have experienced in contemporary churches in a charitable and correctional manner. (This could also count as my “something good,” rendering it an even more important listen!)

3. Something Beautiful: This song by Poor Bishop Hooper has encouraged my heart, as well as has helped me meditate on scripture. Enjoy!

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