About The Author

Ryanne McLaren

BM Piano Performance and Organ Minor, Biola University (2019) – summa cum laude
Torrey Honors Institute (2019) – “Order of Peter and Paul”
MLitt “Theology and the Arts,” University of St. Andrew’s, Scotland (2020) – academic distinction

Academic Interests:
Throughout my studies with the Torrey Honors Institute, I fell in love with discovering parallels between diverse fields of study, such as musical form and classical theology. Similarly, I am always on the lookout for unique connections in theology and the art I admire, such as the search for the sacred in science fiction and particularly within works of dystopian fiction and the short stories of my absolute favorite author, Ray Bradbury.

As a lifelong musician, I of course also have a deep interest in music, but most especially when it is found in conjunction with my other passion, literature. As an organist and choral singer, I am especially concerned with the study and appreciation of sacred music and the interaction of text and music in vocal literature. This area of study is inherently practical as a form of music ministry, and I am always seeking to go beyond theory and put my developing thoughts into practice as a collaborative and church musician.

Other Interests:
When I am not drinking copious amounts of coffee and reading, I can be found practicing organ or accompanying various musical ensembles. I am also an avid runner, though I did not start out that way! Now, though, I am always looking for new trails to explore and killer new running playlists to dance my way through a few miles.  If you didn’t already get this, I am a passionate creative as well as academic writer. I recently completed my master’s in “Theology and the Arts” from the University of St. Andrews, Scotland, and will likely share pieces of my dissertation and studies alongside my original poetry, songs, short stories, devotionals, and general musings.

One final bit of information:
I love my red hat. If you ever consider purchasing a hat that really makes a bold statement, I highly recommend it. Wear it with confidence and give it a celebratory toss whenever something exciting happens!

It’s the little things, after all, that make life so lovely. And that’s really what this blog is all about: finding the small, lovely things which testify to the enduring delight of the Good, the True, and the Beautiful.

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