A Bookish Charm

“A Bookish Charm” began as a book review blog, though even in the beginning it was clearly an interdisciplinary project. As a musician and writer with diverse interests, it is only natural that this website be a reflection of its author’s mind and bookshelves, which are overflowing with novels, theology, music, more than a little Ray Bradbury, and her own journals. And yet, this rich variety is not without unity. If there is anything to be gleaned from interdisciplinary studies, it is that what people read, listen to, and do are intricately and inextricably connected.

Posts here are organized according to a general menu, and include anything from literary criticism to short fiction, original songs to sacred music, recipes to running, and devotions to satirical pieces. In all areas, though, the title “A Bookish Charm” remains resonant, for everything published here aims to inspire rational discussion and imaginative living. The mission of “A Bookish Charm” is perhaps best summarised in the words of G.K. Chesterton: to pursue and promote “an active and imaginative life.”

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